Get the information to stay on top of investment decisions

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In retrospect, cryptos have come a long way in 2021, from controversial speculation to legitimate investment (sort of).

However, exchange platforms/apps don’t seem to have enough engineering resource to keep up. For example, (the crypto app I use the most):

  • No way to track the initial investment
  • Inherited from…

Stop running git config every time you clone a repository

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The remote extension that Visual Studio Code provides makes developing inside a Docker container more convenient than ever.

Git config is not part of the container definition

However, during my usage, I found configuring Git identities a bit annoying since every time a container is built or re-built, I need to the following to be able to commit changes:

Say goodbye to release management and focus on building the features

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Semantic-release is a tool to automate commit messages to version calculation to publishing flow for Node.js projects.

Combined with GitHub actions, developers can simply push code and the workflow will automatically calculate versions and publish the package to registries.

It’s super convenient. So convenient that it makes me feel bad…

Never forget to publish the latest GitHub Actions

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What are GitHub Actions?

GitHub Actions are code-defined workflows that can be triggered by GitHub events to monitor repository health.

What are TS/JS GitHub Actions?

GitHub Actions need code to define the workflow and configuration to define the environment to execute the code.

There are three types of GitHub Actions:

  • TS GitHub Actions which define workflow with TypeScript and…

Build an attention-free monorepo project

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Monorepo refers to the practice of containing all sub-projects inside a single repository (by contrast, polyrepo assigns each sub-project its own repository).

Monorepo offers many benefits including:

  • Better code review: a single pull request can cover both the changes and the updates that go into their dependents. …

More productivity and less wait time

People huddled around a laptop.
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Setting Up Monorepo Was Hard… Until 2020

Monorepo refers to the strategy of having all subprojects located in a single repository. By contrast, with polyrepo, each subproject has its own repository.

Monorepo brings many benefits, including better collaboration and shared responsibilities. There are many interesting articles discussing the pros and cons of monorepo. One of my favorites…

Use as your last resort for TensorFlow installation when nothing works

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TensorFlow is a framework for building machine learning projects that is pretty easy to use. However, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to set up, especially when you are playing with the bleeding edge features.

This post if for future reference

During the last few years, I have run into situations where TensorFlow won’t work in…

I don’t duplicate files, but when I do, I duplicate with style

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In software development, in theory, we want to reduce duplicated information as much as possible and limit everything to a single source of truth to help improve maintainability.

However, in practice, it’s almost impossible to completely eliminate duplication since systems/frameworks are always incompatible in some ways.

Potential situations for duplication

Example 1

Mobile app projects can…

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