Stop running git config every time you clone a repository

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Git config is not part of the container definition

We can automate with local environment variables

Never struggle with broken infrastructure again

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Stop it, use a container 🦺

Say goodbye to release management and focus on building the features

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Step 1: install Semantic-Release

Step 2: configure plugins

Never forget to publish the latest GitHub Actions

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What are GitHub Actions?

What are TS/JS GitHub Actions?

Look up GitHub faster with just gh

GitHub logo and search bar
GitHub logo and search bar
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Build an attention-free monorepo project

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More productivity and less wait time

People huddled around a laptop.
People huddled around a laptop.
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Setting Up Monorepo Was Hard… Until 2020

Use as your last resort for TensorFlow installation when nothing works

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This post if for future reference

What went wrong this time?

I don’t duplicate files, but when I do, I duplicate with style

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Potential situations for duplication

Example 1

Make your repository end-to-end automated

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GitHub automation infra is ramping up

We still need to fill the gap generic tools can’t cover

Steps to build a GitHub automation app

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