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  • Thomas Simonini

    Thomas Simonini

    Building next-gen AI in games using NLP and Deep RL 🧠🕹️ | Founder Deep Reinforcement Learning course 📚 bit.ly/34fMhwc |

  • Pedro Valladares

    Pedro Valladares

  • Fernando Catullo

    Fernando Catullo

    Self made mind

  • Roman Jaquez

    Roman Jaquez

    Flutter GDE / GDG Lawrence Lead Organizer / Follow me on Twitter @drcoderz — Subscribe to my YouTube Channel https://tinyurl.com/romanjustcodes

  • Erik Chacón

    Erik Chacón

    Senior Developer with more than 20 years of experience in several programming languages: Python, Node JS, C#, Ruby and lastly Dart with emphasis in Flutter

  • Catalin Morosan

    Catalin Morosan

  • Saw Mu Ka Hbaw Aye

    Saw Mu Ka Hbaw Aye

  • Bence Papp

    Bence Papp

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